The Caen Lyceum Club was created in 1996 by Françoise Le COUTOUR who came to us from the Club at Fontainebleau, aided by 26 founding members. The inaugural ceremony was carried out in the presence of Jacqueline Suttin, National President of the French Federation.At that time Françoise had met Joanne Silver, who came to study in Caen, and she encouraged her to set up a club in Philadelphia, in 2002.
In 2003, when Brigitte GRANDCLEMENT took over from Françoise, the Club consisted of 61 members. During her presidency it grew to 97.
In 2009, Chantal GIRAUD succeeded herand the Club brought together up to 105 members !
By 2015, it had 95 members when Béatrice FIX took charge.
Today, a hundred “Lycéennes” make up the club greedy for knowledge and rich in friendship.
Curious to get to know our beautiful region, we cross the Normandy to admire its riches : old streets, castles and manors, abbeys or small country churches, landing beaches, businesses etc. Sometimes we go further … .
We try to comfort our friends affected by health problems as best as possible so that the Friendship of which Constance SMEDLEY spoke is not an empty word.