The Lyceum of France was founded in 1906 and settled 17 rue de Bellechasse.  In December 1906 there was a brilliant (dazzling, outstanding) inauguration with the Duchess of Uzès as president.

A that time, the club, modeled on the first Lyceum created in London in1903, comprised four sections : Fine Arts, literature Music, Social work and Social Sciences. During the presidency of the Duchess of Uzès, the Lyceum was very close to the feminist movements that defended women’s rights and women’s suffrage.  The famous speech on the History of Women’s Suffrage was first delivered by the Duchess of Uzès before the Lyceum on December 10th 1913.  The Duchess was president until she died in 1933.  After the Second World War, in 1945, the Association « The Allies » was founded, the goal of which was to bring the nations that were friends closer together by welcoming foreign women during their visit to Paris .  This association became the Feminine Club, in association with the  GeneralFederation of Women’s Clubs the headquarters of which were in Washington. In1952, this club, presided by Madame Le Bec, joined the International Association of the Lyceum Clubs and became the Feminine Club pf Paris Lyceum. In1963, after the creation in France of the Clubs of Bordeaux, Fontainebleau and Orléans and in keeping with the international statutes of the Lyceum Club, the French Federation of the Lyceum Clubs was founded.   Its first president was the Marquess of Castellane of the club of Paris.The name International Lyceum Club of Pariswas officially adopted in1996 under the presidency of the Countess de La Baume.

Our Présidents :

1906-1933 Duchesse d’Uzes

1952-1970 Madame Le Bec

1970-2000 Comtesse Hélène de la Baume

2000-2007 Madame Solange Thierry-de Saint Rapt

2007-2013 Madame Solange Descours

2013-2017 Madame Véronique Matteoli de Rode

2017-2021 Madame Isabelle Schlumberger

2021 –        Madame Pascale Anderson-Mair

Members as of janvier 1st 2021 : 145

Head Office : 15 boulevard Lefebvre, 75015 PARIS

Administration by a board composed of 12 members, which meets 4 times a year.

Twinnings : Bâle, Bruxelles.