The Troyes Lyceum Club was founded in 1985 under the initiative of two women : Monique Charvolin and Sabine Larger.
Membership now stands at 90 women. The Club makes it a point of engendering friendship by sharing mutual interests in a varied program of activities.
The Troyes Lyceum Club soon understood how important establishing links with other countries was. Four years after it was created the Club became affiliated to the Berlin Club – after what could be called ‘a love-at-first sight encounter’.
A sincere and deep friendship unites the members of both Troyes and Berlin Lyceum clubs and regular meetings – whether in Troyes, Berlin or other cities in France and Germany- are held to consolidate the existing close relationships between the two clubs.
Since it was created the Troyes Lyceum Club has hosted three national assemblies in 1995,2005 and 2018. It has also supported the creation of the Lille-Flandre Lyceum Club